Who can register for the courses ?

Anyone can sign up and create an account. You can click the register button on the course detail page to register yourself.

Do I get lifetime access to the courses after registration ?

Check the course detail page to see if the course has a specific timespan. Otherwise, the course is accessible to you for lifetime as long as it is available on the site.

Is there any setup cost to create account ?

No. You are free to create account, sign in and check out the preview of courses. You have to register with the courses to take tests and download certificate.

Where can I see all the courses that I have registered with ?

Check out the My Courses page.


Do I get a certificate for a course, after registration ?

Courses which have test will have certificate option based on the criteria specified by the instructor of the course. Also, see general qualification criteria which is described below.

What is the qualification to obtain certificate ?

Complete all the tests with a minimum percentage of 70%. Qualifications may vary for different courses. Check the description of the class.

What are the payment methods accepted for registering with a course ?

Currently, we process most types of debit and credit cards and also paypal.

I have an issue with the payment. Can I get refund ?

Registrations are final and can not be reversed. But, you can use the contact us page with the date,time and course details of your registration. Refund may be processed for genuine reasons and will be decided by the management.

If my answers require manual evaluation, when will they be evaluated ?

Answers that require manual evaluation by the instructor of the course are expected to be evaluated within a week. Check the description of your class for more details.


Who can create a course ?

Anyone who has good educational content can type or upload their notes.

How can I create a course ?

Sign up as a teacher, and go to Teacher page. You will find setup tools to quickly add a new class, set price, type or upload notes files, create test questions, etc.

Are there any setup costs to create courses ?

It is absolutely free to setup a new course. All courses require approval from us.

When will the courses be displayed to students for registration ?

Once you create the course, you can click the request button for approval. The courses will usually be activated within the same day.

Where can I see my earnings ?

You can go to Teacher page and select Earnings option to check the history of registrations for all your courses.

How does the payment work ?

Payments are calculated every month for student registrations that happened in that month.

When will I receive the payments for the registrations to my courses ?

The payments are transferred to you at the beginning of the next month, after calculating the percentage of service fee.

What is the service fee for the platform ?

Each registration has a service fee of 40%. Transaction fees to receive your earnings are separate and is determined by the method of payment.

What are the payment methods available to receive the monthly calculated payments ?

Currently, we transfer through paypal. You can enter your paypal link in the Earnings page.

How can I remove a course ?

You can contact us along with the details of the course. We will verify current registrations to the course and process your request.

If you have more questions, contact us


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